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BA-101 is an intensive 3-day course that provides a robust introduction to data plane programming in P4, Tofino™ device architecture and Capilano™ Software Development Environment (SDE), including Barefoot APIs and development workflows.

BA-101 is an introductory course, designed to cover a variety of material, therefore allowing the students to jumpstart their development. For in-depth exploration of the selected topics, please ask about our upcoming “Level 2” classes and video training modules

The in-depth coverage of the “switch” package (switch.p4, switchAPI and switchSAI) is a subject of a separate course. However, taking BA-101 will allow the students to easily read, understand and modify switch.p4 and related APIs. Excerpts from switch.p4 will be discussed and used as examples throughout the course.

Barefoot Capilano™ SDE is a software product, developed independently from the software, available via Some components of the SDE were contributed by Barefoot to, but the goals of the projects, the main tools and the workflows are different. software is a community-supported project with many resources freely available. This class covers SDE and not software.

The current version of P4 compiler for Tofino accepts programs, written in P4_14 with Barefoot-specific extensions. Therefore, the class focuses on P4_14 and not P4_16 language. Future versions of the tools will accept both versions of the language.

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IBC Amsterdam
15th - 19th September 2017

IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. Six leading international bodies are the partners behind IBC, representing both exhibitors and visitors.

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