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ATTO FibreConnect™ 1612 Switch - 16Gb FC SFP+, Dual Power Supply with 12 ports activated
SFP+ Single Port, 10Gbit/s OneConnect™ network adapter card , 5GT/s bus speed, PCI Express 2.0 4x
Brocade 1 / 10 Gbit Ethernet Switch with 24 x RJ45 1GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) ports, 2 x SFP+ 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) ports and 2 x SFP+ 1GbE upgradeable to 10GbE ports. Single power supply.
Arista 7148SX 48-port 10GbE switch (SFP+), front-to-rear fans*, 2xAC, 2xC13-C14 cords
Single-port 10 Gbit/s OneConnect™ network adapter card, 5GT/s bus speed, PCI Express 2.0 8x, bundled with FastStack Sniffer10G software.
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