The Open Networking Expert

STORDIS has built up significant experience over the course of the last years since deploying the first open networking based solution. Our services we offer today, are based on this experience and also the research and development activities carried out in STORDIS LABS, one of Europe’s largest Open Networking labs available.

Unlike other global competitors that either entail product restrictions or offer only products without industry knowledge or support, STORDIS offers a comprehensive package that includes hardware sourcing, software, support and critical expertise through a variety of consulting services – all with the full benefits of open networking.

Advance in Knowledge

STORDIS welcomes the revolution of Open Networking trends like ‘web-scale networking’ with great enthusiasm and accordingly continues to actively participate by offering highly-sophisticated open networking products and services to European and worldwide customers and partners.

STORDIS Services:

  • CONSULTANCY: Professional consultancy services aiming  to effectively  transform current or future network infrastructure requirements
  • SUPPORT: Solutions to assist and support your daily network operation
  • LABS: One of the most advanced labs for Open Networking hardware in Europe
  • ACADEMY:  Top-quality trainings on ‘Open’ Networking products and the P4 language
  • SHOP: Source your products from a trusted partner! Fast, safe and with best prices!

Our Markets


Innovation in education technologies is a pressing reality which fuels heavy investment in the education sector. We offer our expertise to international universities and business schools, scientific laboratories, regional educational institutions and online education platforms.


Cybercrime has grown beyond limits, so the need for network security is imperative. We identify, eliminate and respond to threats and risks by deploying  the utmost innovative solutions on a timely agenda.


Increasing of cyber threats has made many companies and governments aware of the necessity to upgrade and improve the security of their network with specifically designed networking solution.

Public Sector & E-Government

Connecting citizens with their government is a key driver to improve the overall living standards within a country or city. Open Networking solutions offer flexibility and performance, but help to stay within a tight budget


The financial services industry is experiencing the effects of the latest digital revolution. We traditionally work closely with major financial institutions, banks and other significant financial establishments.


We offer full support to our customers in media areas of broadcasting, television, radio, film, animation, corporate production, interactive media and game development.


We offer top notch cloud networking and security solutions for service providers of different sizes & shapes. Internet service providers, hosting companies and more.


Telecommunication companies around the world invest in virtual networking to digitally transform traditional data center infrastructures; we support them by delivering innovative services which meet growing customer demand.