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About us

STORDIS - The Open Networking Expert

STORDIS is ‘The Open Networking Expert’ and Europe’s leading provider of open networking infrastructure solutions with a primary focus on academia and research, media and entertainment, cyber security, service providers, financial services, defence, and telecommunication.


STORDIS is specialized in developing tailor-made networking solutions for customers worldwide. As a full solution provider, STORDIS offers consultancy, system integration, professional support and software development to enterprises of any size. To complement the range of existing hardware, STORDIS designed a versatile, powerful and fully programmable network switch delivering significant business advantage in various fields of the industry.


At the two cutting-edge STORDIS LABS in Germany and the UK, proficient network engineers are acquainted with the most recent standards to offer the best customer service and support, while STORDIS ACADEMY organizes unique training courses worldwide to provide insights into the latest open networking technologies, such as data plane programming with P4 and Barefoot’s Software Development Environment (SDE) Capilano™.


STORDIS is also a supporter, sponsor and active contributor to many open source networking projects and communities, including the OCP (Open Compute Project), ONF (Open Networking Foundation), ONOS (Open Network Operating System), P4 Alliance, AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association), and Broad<CTRL>.


CEO & Founder
Alexander Jeffries

Alexander Jeffries is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of STORDIS. Primarily responsible for strategy, direction and international growth. He is currently leading the company’s drive into becoming a key contributor towards the open networking community. Alexander is further in charge of finance and operations. With over 20 years of executive experience within the IT industry, Alexander brings in an unrivalled wealth of knowledge taking new products and complex software solutions to the global market and within different vertical industries. Alexander has previously held numerous positions in marketing, business development, sales and channel sales.

VP Sales & Technology
Waldemar Scheck

Waldemar Scheck is co-founder and Vice President Sales & Technology at STORDIS. He is the Research Director and Principal Technician at STORDIS LABs, responsible for seeking out, testing and evaluating the latest technologies, as well as building the vertical market-optimised solutions offered by STORDIS. With over 10 years hands-on experience working on bleeding-edge technologies, Waldemar combines a wealth of technical knowledge together with a deep understanding of real-world customer needs. Prior to STORDIS, Waldemar worked as a Professional Services Engineer and Technical Consultant for an IP Storage virtualisation start-up, delivering pre-sales consultancy and technical support to their international customer base.