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We are committed to achieving more together!

Our deep believe is, that by working together all can achieve more in less time. Actually, sharing information and ideas lies in the very essence of human nature. Writing down ideas and developing them over generations made most of humanities greatest achievements possible.
For the very same reason we are part of many alliances and communities to help, develop networking technology in a faster and more effective way.

STORDIS is proud to be an OCP PLATINUM member. With the Open Compute Project (OCP) we share the same values and ideas. “We believe that openly sharing ideas, specifications, and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation and reducing complexity in tech components.” – OCP: Our mission
STORDIS is sharing the hardware specifications of it´s Advanced Programmable Switches with the OCP community to help companies easily benefit of the full potential of the P4 programmable switches.

As an Innovator-Member of the Open Networking Foundation we actively contribute to existing projects such as STRATUM and TRELLIS. Furthermore, STORDIS initiated the BroadCtrl project under ONOS to help especially the broadcasting industry to benefit from P4 programmable switches. Traditional broadcast Infrastructure built with SDI Base-band Routers, coaxial cables and BNC connectors is transitioning to Ethernet using off-the-shelf network switches and SDN control.

STORDIS is a proud Industry-Member of the P4 Language Consortium. P4 is a declarative language for telling forwarding-plane devices (switches, NICs, firewalls, filters, etc) how to process packets. The STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches are based on the powerful, fully P4 programmable Tofino™ ASCIs from Barefoot Network. As an expert on the P4 programming language, STORDIS ACADEMEY is helping the community to better understand how to program in P4 and therefore partnered up with Barefoot to host unique training courses worldwide to provide insights into the latest P4 developments.

Even though STORDIS today is a solution provider for many verticals, the company has its roots in the broadcasting industry and still maintains very close relationships to partners of this vertical. With worldwide representation from both media companies and their suppliers, the AMWA currently focuses on the industry move to IP based architectures. With our knowledge and experience we are helping broadcasters to benefit from the features of Open Networking technology

To enable software based systems to recognize and exploit devices, the AMWA has developed the Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS). The goal for this initiative and the Open Specifications is to deliver interoperability and increase the choice of products across a wide range of suppliers. STORDIS is a Supplier-Member of the NMOS project.