STORDIS LABS are the foundation of our expertise and product knowledge and are equipped with all the latest networking equipment with speeds from 1 to 400G. Our labs have a full range of different switches based on Barefoot’s Tofino, Broadcom’s Helix4, Trident, Trident II, Trident II+, Tomahawk, Tomahawk+, Tomahawk II, Qumran and Jericho+ ASICs and Cavium Xpliant. We have a full range of different Silicom network cards based on Intel’s i350, x540, x550, 85299, i710, FM10K and Coleto Creek, further to this the labs are equipped with the latest cards from Cavium/QLogic, Chelsio, Endace, Exablaze, Fiberblaze/SilicomDK, Myricom, Netromone, Solarflare etc. The labs are further equipped with full range of different optics, AOCs and copper cables, patch panels, time source devices (master and slave), analytics equipment, load generators and high-end DELL servers.
Making use of all this equipment we do following:


New product testing:

We test all the newest and latest hard and software before offering these to our customers. Many of these products are the first in Europe.

Software quality assurance:

We do thorough Q/A and regression tests very often on pre-release software for switch OSes, board support packages, different ONIE versions and other software solutions before these get released to customers. Subsequently we play a vital role in helping our suppliers stabilize their software before finally releasing this to customers and general production software.

Hardware Compatibility testing:

All products well sell are tested to make sure they are compatible with each other. Based on this we have our own hardware compatibility list (HCL).

Staging of solutions:

Before shipping products and solutions, we very often set these up in our labs and fully test customer specific setups and requirements.

Remote Access:

For our customers and suppliers, we can provide access to various equipment and will pre-configure servers, switches etc. for their requirements. This makes it possible that customers can get their hands on to the latest equipment and pre-test products before having to purchase these. This way they can see whether the products can satisfy their requirements.

Product demo / evaluation:

Our labs have a full range of different products, which also can be leant to our customers for evaluation purposes.

Support Services:

For many of the products and solutions sold, STORDIS provides its customers with post sales support options for hard- and software. To be able to offer L1 to L3 support, we have allocated a substantial amount of equipment in our labs to be able to replicate and customer issues to be able to find solutions to any technical issues that may arise.

Software Development:

Part of our labs is dedicated for software development purposes around SDN controllers and P4 data plane programming