STORDIS fully understands the concepts of Open Networking often also described as ‘disaggregated networking’.
Open Networking finally revolutionizes the 'constricted' relation between hardware and software. Previously end-users were locked in by a single vendor supplying them with switch hardware, switch OS, controller and accessories, subsequently leading to vendor lock-in and losing one’s flexibility to change with new business requirements and often having to purchase more features than needed. These kinds of switches are often referred to as ‘black box’.

With Open Networking, one has the free choice of the hardware platform, software (switch OS, controller, orchestration and automation) and can make use of un-coded optics and cables. This allows the end-user to choose whatever is suited best for their business needs and allows them to flexibly react to ever changing business requirements, whilst at the same time breaking the dependence on a single source network provider and save on CAPEX and OPEX. These switches are also referred to as ‘white box’ or ‘bare-metal switch’.

Open Networking provides you with a huge choice of switch ASICs, switch manufacturers, open source switch OSes, commercial open source-based switch OSes -and a choice of SDN controllers and even the flexibility to program your own data-plane.


Open Hardware

Today’s Open Networking Hardware provides the unique foundation for the next generation of network architectures. A single standards-based Open Networking switch can support multiple-virtualized network devices, each with their own virtualized router, data plane, control plane, and management plane to support granular east/west and north/south network segmentation, rigorous multi-tenant services and the integration of virtualized network services and functions.

STORDIS can help to find the best hardware for your business needs. Amongst our suppliers are the world’s leading switch manufacturers that help connect the industry for decades. Besides standard white-box hardware, STORDIS works closely with our partners to develop specialized products for niche-markets.

Open Source and Open Source based Switch OS

One of the greatest advantages of Open Networking is, that a switch can adapt to different roles just by changing the switch operating system. By choosing the best combination of hard- and software, companies are in a position to procure precisely what they need for their business requirements, whilst staying flexible for future business needs.

STORDIS is testing most of the available switch operating systems in our STORDIS LABS. These include Open Source switch OSes such as ONL and SONIC to open source based switch OSes such as Cumulus Linux, PicOS, NoviWare etc.