Open source OS

With open source software permeating up and down the networking stack, everything from the controller down to the silicon at the core of each and every switch, can now be optimized to deliver greater advantage to your business.

Open source software is so much more than a low-cost solution. Far greater value comes from the pace of progress, development and innovation within popular, community driven, open source projects. This combines with the freedom to view, control and customize the software at the heart of your network, to deliver technologies that do more for your business.


  • Open source software are principally high-quality design software where the source code is available. Open source software can also be efficiently used in coding. These attributes make open source software an ideal choice for a vast variety of industries like Broadcasting, Telco, Finance, Academia, Cyber Security and more.
  • Open source software deploys technologies, such as, common information model (CIM) and Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM). These high-end technologies allow you to incorporate and merge server, application, service and workstation management. This integration would result in efficient administration. Such process results in much controllable and efficient administration tasks.
  • Open source software can help minimize costs. Licensing fees as well as maintenance fees are basically diminished. The only expenses that need to be considered are the costs for documentation, media and support (training).
  • By using open source software many license-related problems disappear. Open source software enables you to install it numerous times and also use it from any location. As a result, you can be free from monitoring, tracking or counting license compliance.
  • Plethora of support; open source support is mostly freely available and can be easily accessed through online communities. Most IT companies who develop open source software solutions also provide maintenance and support.