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Key Features

STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches

1588v2 PTP Time Synchronization

The STORDIS APS series are the first to deploy a Barefoot Tofino chipset with a time synchronization function, which is an essential capacity in the field of telecommunication as well as media and entertainment. This feature enables uncompressed transmission of video streams via live IP studio and precise timestamping. Low latency is particularly crucial for high-frequency trading as well. The relevant onboard chipset supports IEEE 1588v2 time protocol with a resolution of 4 nanoseconds and enables the switch to act as either transparent or both boundary and master clock. The frequency lock by oven-controlled oscillator (OCXO) provides a precise frequency locking among all devices within the network.

Essential use cases: Live IP Studio | Synchronization of media streams | Mobile network cell handover | Network edge | Precise timestamping (HFT legal compliance, telemetry)

Tofino Data Plane Programmability with P4

The innovative technology of the Barefoot Tofino chipset offers unlimited open networking possibilities via the use of the data plane programming language P4, featuring in-band telemetry and mega-scale data center switching. P4 is easy to access, it enables hardware offloading of protocols, arbitrary tagging of packets and controlling behavior based on individual data pattern matches. Hyperscalers benefit from layer 4 load balancing and a network packet broker. The flexible but highly specific packet processing pipeline provides the ability to create own protocols and add individual packet metadata. Integrated on the fly encapsulation and decapsulation is efficiently used in the field of telecommunications. The switch has a non-blocking switching capacity of 2.0 Tb/s and is capable of complex protocol processing at wire-speed.

Essential use cases: On the fly encap/decap (tunneling) | Offloading of link control and monitoring protocols (e.g. PPPoE, BFD) | Network packet broker (on any OSI layer) | In-band Network Telemetry | Broadband Network Gateway | Load-balancing | Seamless switching of video streams | Provider edge: convert between MPLS and IP

Supported Speeds from 1GbE to 100GbE

Offering almost unlimited flexibility, the switches support all available speeds from 1GbE to 100GbE. To particularly meet the requirements of broadcasters and telecommunication providers, a multitude of devices supporting only 1GbE can be connected via integrated 1GbE SFP ports. Furthermore, the switches provide multiple SFP+ ports supporting 10GbE and 25GbE, and 8 uplink ports supporting 10GbE, 25GbE and 50GbE with breakout, and additionally 40GbE and 100GbE, and are not limited to high-speed interfaces.

Essential use cases: Audio Equipment | PTP Grandmaster | KVM Switches | Core Data Center Switch | High Density Concentrator

Dedicated SDN Controller Ports

The versatile switches offer multiple management options to attain maximum functionality predestined for software-defined networking. Alongside the Ethernet out-of-band management port and one console port (RS232), they uniquely provide two dedicated SFP cages for either management or connecting SDN controllers. The highly available SDN controller can be extended and modified to meet individual requirements due to a flexible controller network topology.

Essential use cases: Redundant connections to SDN controller, slicing a switch into two separate logical units controlled by different SDN controllers

Premium Hardware Components

To take full advantage of the Barefoot Tofino chipset, the switches are equipped with highly efficient hardware components. Compute heavy and complex processes, such as SDN-based environments and link monitoring, can be easily supported on the platform due to a powerful 8-core CPU, a large 128Gb SSD and 32Gb RAM. Redundant power supplies and hot-swappable fans ensure a continuous uptime and high availability. Reliable components are especially important for hyperscalers, providers and the telecommunication industry. The future-proof, SDN-ready network design allows complex distributed control-plane and management-plane processing, and a facilitated addition of custom software.

Essential use cases: Northbound SDN controller interfaces (e.g. P4 Runtime) | GNMI, GNOI | Legacy control-plane protocols in complex network fabrics

ONIE Bootloader Preloaded

By default the switches come with an ONIE bootloader and can optionally be equipped with a pre-installed operating system. A range of leading software options are available to run on the platform, commercial variants such as NoviWare™ (NoviFlow) and Software Defined Fabric™ (Kaloom) and open source variants like Ubuntu, ONL, Stratum as well as Microsoft SONiC.